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mardi 12 février 2013

Interview with GENGHIS KHAN (english version)

This week, I took on my precious time to introduce yall to a US rapper/producer, that I been listening to for quite a few years now. Back in the Myspace era, I used to hang out on his page, filled with weird-ass pictures from japanese flicks (like Tetsuo, the guy with a spinning metal cock or random girls fucking with octopuses). By that time he already had dropped The Violence Effect, which had a few bangers, to say the least. Here's the interview, just to clear up a few details about his art and his work ethics.  

Welcome to the twisted mind of

Genghis Khan

ALCAZAR: First of all let's talk about your dark, sometimes abstract, nearly indus-rock sound.
You remixed PJ Harvey and David Lynch, acknowledged influences from NiN...
How do you connect these dots? What did those other genres bring to your style?

GENGHIS KHAN: I'm a huge fan of industrial music. Also, down tempo trip-hoppish type of stuff.
The sounds from the drums, to the electronic aspect, to the use of samples really feeds a fire inside of me. Having a background in music like that eliminates the fear of being different, or having boundaries.
I don't think people are experimental enough with Hip-Hop... OR are way too experimental with it to the point  where it musically just isn't good.
I'm an emcee first. And being good at my craft allows me to then experiment with sound.
Everything I do is always deeply grass rooted. I come from the era of emcees that SPIT. Lyrical. Hardcore.
The era where Hip-Hop production was masterful... Had that classic sound to it.
So as far as my own art, it's always taking the grass roots concept of spitting, finding that classic hardcore boom bap track... And then adding on and giving it that extra industrial influenced sound.
The end result is something powerful and different.

How did you connect with artists out of your state, like Spit Gemz, Chris Carbene or Block McCloud?

What are your links with the local scene (NC or even SC)?

GK: The three artists you mentioned via social networking. I heard their shit, they heard my shit... and it's been on ever since.
I have quite a few friends in the local scene. It's just not my arena.
I have a big mind... I wanna see where I stand in the world.

Do you get high when you compose or write? Or do you feel to be more efficient when sober?

GK: Occasionally, I'll sip whiskey and write. %90 of the time I'm dead sober when I write.
I get in my own zone... Retreat somewhere in a room by myself and work.

Most of "The Broken Love LP" was produced by The Gemini Lounge squad.
Tell us about this team and your collective process when it comes to beatmaking.

GK: The Gemini Lounge is myself, Jon Jackson, Unconscious Rascall. Recently DJ Northern Light came aboard.
It's mainly myself and Jon Jackson in the studio recording when it comes time for me to do an album...
Unconscious Rascall is pretty much like my brother. He taught me how to use a sampler 13 years ago.
Over those 13 years the two of us probably made close to 30-40 beat tapes. (Maxwell tapes) Front to back.
Almost everything on The Broken Love album came from those old tapes. The beat for "Violence" is probably 8 or 9 years old.
I went through all those old tapes and found stuff I wanted to use for that album... We hit the studio with Jon Jackson and remade them all.
Adding to them as we went.

Any movie you would advise to our readers?

GK: A couple recent good ones, I Saw the Devil & Cold Fish.

Tell us about the projects you're working on right now.

GK: Right now I am working on my third full length album titled HER ABSENCE IS MY ANTI CHRIST.
I'm very pleased with the album thus far, I think it's my best work yet.
It will have a few beats on it by super producer Mr. Junior Makhno himself... Haha
I'm hoping to have it done and released mid 2013.


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